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Hardluck Kings Spider (Firebird Copy)
Overall Rating
Submitted: October 23rd, 2017
by b12670
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Sound Quality
Pretty decent high output stock  pickups. I've seen many reviews of owners swapping them out for higher end models (Seymors/DiMarzios) so the output and tone might not be  beefy enough for some that are looking to do real high gain stuff. But for basic rock/blues they're fine. One issue I've got with the electronics is that on my model, there seems to be a ground issue. When the volume pots are turned all the way down, there is a pretty loud hum. Definitely sounds like a ground issue. I've read that this is something common with 500k pots and there are ways to remedy the issue. But it would have been nice to have this been taken care of before I got the guitar.  Strike one.
Well the neck definitely has a few dead spots on it. Frets appear to be level though just by eyeballing them.  Raised the action a bit and the dead spots got less noticeable. I didn't do a truss adjustment at all on this guitar (yet) I wanted to see how their in-house setup prior to shipping really was. The company kind of makes a pretty big deal about how every guitar they sell is given a complete setup prior to shipping. Not terrible, I guess. But every player's preference is going to vary slightly. I would say it's 'close' to being set up, but you are going to have to tweak the setup a bit on your own, or have your local shop  really dial it in for you.
Now here is where the Hardluck King brand gets the most attention. The almost too good to believe prices on their amazingly cool looking takes on some classic guitar models. Because they have the guitars made in China, then shipped to their base in California, most of their models can be had for around two to three hundred bucks!. They also don't sell to brick and mortar stores and go direct to consumer. Its almost like a super low budget version of what Carvin has been doing for decades. This is also where they get the most flak and bad reviews. I will say this: I can see, based on the claims from buyers saying they got shipped a lemon, how quality control might need some improvement. That said, if a 200 dollar set neck guitar that can perform right alongside  Epiphone's higher end models  that retail for 7-800 bucks has a few low budget kinks to work out, I'm willing to give them a pass. Should also mention that they sell semi-decent hard cases for every model they carry for around forty bucks! Would I trust these cases to protect any guitar over a long haul tour in the back of a U-Haul? No way. Not that durable. But for a local/club level player/weekend warrior? Yes all the way.  Much classier looking  than a gig bag , plush red lined and has large storage compartment.
General Comments
Good, not great. But easily the best option for getting a Firebird-inspired guitar into your hands if you are on a budget and can't drop over a grand on the real deal
Reviewer's Background
Hobbyist guitar player, Cheap guitar hoarder.
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