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Guild F-50 Blonde
Overall Rating
Submitted: December 9th, 2017
by jylarkin
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Sound Quality
It's what a Jumbo arched-backed acoustic guitar should sound like. It's a cannon! But that Maple really hold the sound together and keeps it from ever getting muddy or twangy. Deep and boomy but also crisp and surprisingly crisp. One of my favorite guitars
Mine was built in 2008 and has been played for 9 years. Negligible fret wear and the guitar is solid. The professionally installed K&K electronics are reliable and do their job, and I couldn't be happier. The guitar feels like a tank or a boat given the size.
Got an amazing deal. I only buy used guitars which are amazing deals.  ( ;Guilds don't always have amazing resale values, but that only hurts people who are stupid enough to buy new guitars, and then sell them. Brand new guitars are like cars in that they will lose a big chunk of their value as soon as you walk out of the showroom. But fine USED guitars are like real estate in that they tend to hold their value. And even if the market does bottom out, it will eventually bounce back. Plus, when the market falls, you only lose money if you sell it. Finally, I never buy a guitar you can't immediately turn around and sell for the same or more than I paid.
General Comments
The F-50 Blonde was my first dream guitar 30+ years ago. Played one hanging in a pawn shop and knew I had to have one. Unfortunately, that 18 year-old kid had no money. It was also the guitar which made me fall in love with jumbo guitars. First, a Takamine, then a Taylor, then a Bedell, then an F-50R, and now this F-50 Blonde - right back to where the love affair first started. I've owned and sold a lot of guitars over the years, and I can't conceive of a scenario where I'd Iet this one go. Well, maybe if a really special Gibson SJ200 came a knockin'.
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