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Godin Solidac
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 16th, 2016
by NJSax
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Sound Quality
I concur with just about all the other  reviews in the sound category. A wonderful assortment of tones are available. I really can't fault the sound of this guitar and I rate it a "solid" 5.
Here's where I might differ from the other reviewers. It's the finish. The clear coat on the body developed a crack from the pick guard down toward the lower strat button, just west of the controls. I have no idea how this could possible have happened. It's definitely a crack because the coating actually lifted slightly on one side of the crack and I can see where air/moisture entered. I reported the problem to Godin (I could not find a customer service phone number for Godin), and inquired as to how I could go about refinishing the guitar and also inquired if I could purchase a replacement body.  To their credit, Godin replied but claimed that it was just a scratch, because the clear coat could not develop such a crack. I sent them photos and descriptions of how I was able to test the damage and prove that the finish had been breached completely through and to the wood. Godin responded by saying that I was wrong and that the bodies were no longer in production, so a replacement was unavailable. I asked again for a procedure to refinish, and they never responded. So that's it. Godin's factory support is to deny a  customer's in-hand observation, and then ignore. That's the only issue I have with the guitar, and I guess now it's a "relic" by default. I'm keeping it for two reasons: 1) It's just about worthless with the cracked finish, and 2) I like the guitar so much, it's a keeper in spite of the defect. Factory defect or poor choice of finish materials are quality issues that eventually affect reliability and or durability. This cracked finish will only get worse over time, and ultimately start peeling or flaking.  I like the guitar, but Godin will take a hit in this category. I give it a very poor 0.5 rating. Heads up, Godin! This is the Voice of the Customer talking.
Good value, providing no strange issue with the finish (see above). Due to the risk presented by defective finish on my guitar, I rate this as 3.5.
General Comments
Godin customer support isn't great. The way they handled the problem with the finish on my guitar could have been much better (see above). I wasn't looking for a freebie. I offered to buy another body. I asked for a rework procedure so I could re-finish the body myself. Both of these options would have been at my expense. Godin could have offered a refinishing service for which I would have gladly paid. But they didn't. Godin did nothing. I think I can safely assume that if one of their high profile users, say John McLaughlin for example, were to have reported this problem, they would have been fawning all over him. But me? I'm a nobody to them. With this type of support, Godin can never achieve world-class status as a Quality manufacturer. To stand behind one's product is to do it for everyone, no matter who they are. In this respect, they might as well change their name to McGuitars (Insert golden arches here.) This is yet another reason to look to Japan for good design/ fine workmanship and an ear for the customer.
Reviewer's Background
ASQ-Certified Quality Engineer. Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action is my specialty. I am actively involved with manufacturers and suppliers on a daily basis. I consult with these companies to develop zero-defect processes to ensure total customer satisfaction. I'm an amateur musician, playing saxophone and guitar. My current stable consists of Strats, LPs, SGs, Teles, and Godins, as well as amps and saxes.  I'm influenced by Prog Rock, Southern Rock, Punk, and Texas Western (not country), and all that for sax including Jazz - Be-bop, and Fusion. Favorite guitarists include Eric Clapton, Al DiMeola, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, John McLaughlin, and Gary Moore. I would love to be able to play jazz guitar someday but my sax won't let me.
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