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Gjika KT-90 Tone monster
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 6th, 2001
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
I am using Les Paul's, Tony Nobles guitars, and Strats with this amp. It sounds as if it were custom made for the type of tone that I love to hear. The overall noise floor of the amp is very reasonable. It is a very well constructed amp. The amp delivers buckets of blues, and bluesrock tone. The two channels are slightly different, yet both can provide nice gain at high volumes. The distortion is fat. When cranked this amp sings like no other. And guess what? You can use the treble control. I mean you can crank that dog to the top and still the amp sounds sweet and warm, with just more nice high end. No ear fatigue, just pure tone.
I used to own Bob's amps years ago. Bob retired from the business and I very foolishly sold the two amps that I had. I only sold the amps because I was afraid at the time that I would have trouble on tour finding anyone who could work on these amps, not that I ever had any trouble with the amps at all. This event sent me on a 5 year trip through the boutique amp wilderness. I have tried, and owned a lot of very nice amps, but have always regreted selling those heads. Bob Gjika is still retired. He did kindly offer to set me up with this amp however, and I am very gratefull. The amp is built like a tank. You can not imagine how bullet proof this amp is. It is beyond anything that I have ever seen construction wise.
General Comments
I have been playing for more years than I can count, and I own a pile of gear. This amp will never be lost or stolen, but if it were, I would be calling Bob, and begging for another one. You cannot compare this amp to anything else on the market so I won't. This is a great amp, and Gjika is one of the top amp builders in the world.
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