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FireBelly Amplifier Company VB3510
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 18th, 2009
by jaydub-aAFBS
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Sound Quality
I use it with a PRS Hollowbody Spruce. I've been able to get a the hollowness to come through as I haven't with my Deville 212, though it did have some dead speakers. A truly nice clean sound with lots of character and definition. A full range of tones are possible. It pulls off a jangely 60's sound as a home base, though not really my cup of tea. As I've stated before, I shy away from the highs so I never use the bright switch or the treble knob. I never liked to play without reverb before, but open chords sound so nice it seems like there may be a place for the reverb switch. The P10's give a very immediate response to my playing in that the notes seem to jump off the fret board. I've been able to play faster runs with more clarity. Once the speakers have broken in, the notes now jump but also swell off the instrument. With the bridge pickup, a honkey tone is also possible with the tone rolled back on the guitar. Else, I can go from The Hombres to Dazed and Confused. With the middle pickup, that in phase sound is quite accentuated. My effects also come alive so that it has been an ordeal to readjust my settings. (I may need to rethink my floor board to conform to this amp rather than this amp to the floor board.) All the effects but the chorus for some reason needed to be turned down as I'm able to get more breakup out of this amp. Also, with the mid/fat boost engaged, the levels of the effects pedals get screwy. Did I mention I love the Mid Fat Boost. Mine is not connected to the normal channel. No reverb and mids in the Normal equates with me not using this much. The reverb is plentiful by the way. I who love a lush sound can't get past a quarter turn. I do wish it trailed off faster though. As for the vibroto/ tremelo; I love a new toy and this is fun. Worth noting; Have not been able to coax feedback easily. The amp is more apt to breakup before howling. Even with a hollowbody (ish). Maybe good, maybe not? Two words: Wholesome goodness
Seems built well. I wish I could say more. I've never used or needed a backup on a gig.
General Comments
Sorry for not giving numerical ratings as I feel that sound is too subjective. With that said- This is a very authentic, detailed and expressive amp. Though I can sound like me through any amp, it's a treat to hear myself through this. If you don't like your playing, than sorry kids... My ultimate test for an instrument is: Do I enjoy playing it/ Does it make me a better player. In this case, yes. http://web.me.com/jaydub69/Site_3/Welcome.html
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