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Fender Super Bullets 3250L Light Electric Guitar Strings
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 10th, 2002
by timmy c
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Sound Quality
This amp is a really good first amp. I started playing guitar in 1998. It's 2002 and it's still the only amp I own. As I said, it works fine for my studio but I may beef up to a Marshall AVT50 for gigs soon. I play with a Fender Cyclone through it. The guitar isn't the best in the world. The amp is relatively versatile but works really well for my various rock styles. Had no problem getting everything from softer drive third eye blind, to fast rockin old school green day, to newer rock like buckcherry. not sure about it as a metal map. played some system of a down with it, not bad, but can't get that metal distortion. really good for stuff like buckcherry and guns and roses. drive channel is incredible, clean channel is ok. i dont use clean a lot a ton, but when you punch the gain up the clean gets a little fuzzy. doesn't even need to be on a high volume to get this way, but its not as bad as i'm making it out to be. its a practice amp, first and foremost. havent really cranked it up often cuz its a really loud amp. packs a lot of punch for a little guy. once again, great drive, average clean, great for rock music and for practicing and some studio work.
i've done just about everything to this guy. solid state son of a bitch that can take a beating. had it for almost 4 years and have had no problems in the least. you can beat the crap out of him and he'll still deliver.
General Comments
As I said, I've been playing for around 3 years now and it's the only amp I've had. I've had a band for about half a year now and we haven't gotten onto the stage yet so it's done the job for those years. i really love the range of distortions you can get with the drive channel. the clean channel still is a bit lacking for me but if dialed in exactly correct even that is good. if it were stolen i'd probably try something else cuz i'm sick of buying fender all the time and i'd probably save my money for the AVT50 mentioned early for a bit more punch for live shows, but even so, this baby still rocks. its more than just a fuzzbox, and if your looking for a hard-working practice/studio amp that can deliver a great distortion and a decent clean then this is your amp my friend.
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