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Fender Footswitch For Princeton Chorus Amp
Overall Rating
Submitted: March 14th, 2009
by jon-J-m.d
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Sound Quality
For a solid state amp it still had the gorgeous Fender tone I was after, slightly less warm than tube amps, but it packs more tone for the price than it really should, plus you won't have the extra expense of maintenance that comes with tube amps and it sounds good even at low volumes. With the volume turned up max without overdrive it remains clean, it is fine for practice and recording, but at gigs you might need reinforcement if you aren't going to be using the overdrive. Overall I was really impressed with it. The chorus is another big selling point it is fantastic and better than any foot pedal chorus I have used. I imagine this will be due to the use of two spaced 10" Fender speakers used to create the effect in stereo, if you play a gig and need sound reinforcement, or record this amp with just one mic you will not get the chorus result you hear at source, you will need to mic both speakers. Bass tone control is hardly needed, first get this amp off the floor on a stand, it gets rid of the muddy bass sound, but even when its off the floor you don't need to turn it up much, I use it on 2, higher than that just overpowers the balance that I'm after. I don't rate the reverb on this amp, there's not enough control over it and it has a rather nasty tail to it, I'd recommend you use other outboard reverbs or inline fx pedals. Not a fan of the overdrive either, just not the sound I'm after on its own, I think it suits some styles but nothing I like to play or record, BUT I have found though that if you mix it with other overdrive/distortion pedals you can get some great results, more than the sum of the parts, try it out. FX loop was noisy when used, it might be the kit I used in between, it also seems to remove some of the tone, I checked this by running a cable straight (nothing in between) from in to out. I have used single and humbucking pickup guitars from various manufacturers through it, haven't found one that didn't sound great through it.
Mine's second hand and must be several years old, still working fine, although the foot switch isn't switching as well as it should, but this is expected after so much use.
General Comments
I can recommend this amp whole heartedly for its gorgeous clean sound and chorus, it does that so well it more than eclipses the shortcomings with the overdrive and reverb and that's why I give it a 9.
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