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Fender Footswitch For Princeton Chorus Amp
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 17th, 2009
by Kenny-NEeaC
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Sound Quality
This amp has the sound I have been looking for for, in a small package! I use strats and teles. All with stock single coils. I have never played a guitar with humbuckers through it so I have no idea how that would sound. For an idea how the clean channel sounds go to YouTube and enter Don Rich Buckaroo. With my tele I can match his sound perfectly! I love the Chimey sound of the clean channel on a Fender amp. My father had a twin reverb and this amp can sound just as good as that, just not as loud. It has a SMALL amount of hum, and I do mean SMALL. A pleasant surprise since I use single coils. As I stated before the stereo chorus is luscious! Of course when the amp has chorus in the name you would expect this. I don't play at high volumes so I don't know if the clean channel distorts of not. I don't care if it does. I haven't had the volume louder than 5 and I don't want to stand directly in front of it then! If you play bang your head slap your momma stuff SKIP this amp. The gain channel works for me I just wish it had a separate EQ. When I use the gain channel I barely turn the gain up, just enough to give it a little fuzz. I like it, some don't. Thats why they make so many different amps. People cannot believe such loud and wonderful sounds come out of so small a package.
I don't own a back-up amp. I have never had a problem. I bought it off of eBay and when it was delivered the box looked as if it had been rolled down a mountain and drug behind the truck! Pulled it out of the box, plugged it in, turned it on, worked perfectly and has for quite some time now. For reliability you cannot beat solid state. I have no idea how it was treated before I got it and have no idea how old it is. It does have a few scrapes and tears in the tolex, but I don't think that is from abuse just use. If an amp is hauled around it is going to show it. I never worry about it breaking down. I guess it could break down. Only the Shadow Knows! Oops I'm showing my age now.
General Comments
I have been playing for 37 years. I own to much gear to list, just ask my wife! If I lost this amp I would go directly to eBay and find another. My favorite thing about this amp, other than the clean channel, is the weight. I'm to old and stove up to lug an 80 lb amp around. I have played through a myriad of amps over the years and I can tell you, for my taste in music, Fender amps are the best. If I had a roadie I would probably get a twin reverb, but at this point in the game I don't see that happening! If I could change one thing I would add an EQ on the gain channel. If you are reading this then you are interested in one of these amps. Just remember that " A Great Sounding Amp!" is subjective. The only way I know to find out if you like an amp or not is to plug YOUR guitar into it and play.
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