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Fender Footswitch For Princeton Chorus Amp
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 18th, 2009
by Guitaripper
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Sound Quality
Gets a bit noisy when you turn the gain up but not more then other amps. I play a 2007 Gibson Les Paul Blond Beauty Standard (another love story}, a 1982 Ibanaz Artist AC (striped to natural and beautfuly refinished) and a 1997 Fender Strat Deluxe. As I said abouve, This amp sounds natural and clean at high voulms, perfect for jazzy chords (John Lennon would love this amp). I think that the limiter is a fantastic controll for smoothing the gain and adding endless sustain at high gain settings. I also love the touch sensitive dynamics of this amp, it reacts like a fender tube amp.
Two things have happenend in the las twenty years; the grill cloth tore so I bought origional Blackface Fender grill cloth and replace it, it looks sooo much better then the origional cloth and looks great next to my blackface. The second thing was the volume poy and the master volumn pot got srcatchie. I am please to pass along a little trick that fixed the problem, I removed the head and blew out the pots with my compressor and sprayed a drop of WD-40 in each. If they fail again I will replace them, I have done it before on Fender amps (replaced the linear taper volumn and master on my blues deluxe with Fender audio taper for better controll of volumn at lower settings). As I have indicated above I have a 42 yr old black face (3rd owner) and it still plays and sounds great with minimal maintenance, Fender still build quality amps.
General Comments
This amp is a 10 in every aspect, it's intuitive controlls allows quick and easy dial in and tweaking of the sound I am looking for. If it were stolen or lost then we would need to talk about my gun collection. Other products? I love fender amps, not all ( I hate the new DSP junk) but the three that I have sound boutique enough to me. Is there anytrhing I wish it had? I don't know green LED's instead of red? No, I can think of nothing, it is by far the best SS amp that I have ever heard and easily compares to two of the best sounding tube amps that I have ever heard.
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