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Fender Footswitch For Princeton Chorus Amp
Overall Rating
Submitted: December 1st, 2010
by Derkits
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Sound Quality
For the price that I paid for this amp ($0.00), it sounds even better....It is a usable amp, best for playing around the house or in the garage.  The good features about it is that you can get a good sound out of it at very low volumes, both clean and distortion, and it does get loud enough to jam in the garage w/ a full band.  Great amp for those that don't gig on a regular basis.  Clean sound is a good fender clean sound, and contrary to what some reviewers have said, the distortion is not that bad at all.  It's no classic Marshall distortion, but it does get gritty, you just have to turn a few knobs to find what works best for you.  The nice thing about it is it does have a lot of options as far as tone shaping.  After playing it for a while (and hearing more amps), I was not satisfied w/ the clean sound I was getting from it, so I swapped out the stock fender speakers for a pair of Eminence speakers - 1 Ragin' Cajun and 1 Lil' Buddy - and let me tell you, that made all the difference in the world. The stock speakers sounded thin and metallic, but with the Eminence speakers it is full of body and tone.  In retrospect, I would recommend changing the speakers for any fender amp if you want it to sound it's best.  Once I did that, it sounded like a new amp.  Now I mainly use this amp to slave my Marshall 4203 through, and it sounds amazing using the Marshall preamp (to slave - Guitar chord from 'Line Out' on Marshall to 'Input' on Fender).  I love using this amp as a 2x10 cab, the sound I get from this setup is full, stereo, and loud.  Also serves as a backup should my Marshall die in the middle of a gig.  Overall, very quality amp for the price - great for those that need to play a little quieter but want the full array of sounds - just swap the speakers and watch what happens.On a side note, I've got a pair of stock Fender speakers for sale....
So far, so good.  No problems at all w/ this amp and I've owned for over 12 years.
General Comments
As I mentioned above, good amp for it's purpose.  Great for around the house and in the garage.  Will keep up w/ a full band (especially w/ new speakers).  Would  be ok for a small coffeeshop gig, or mic'd up for a small bar.  Sounds good at low volumes.  And sounds unbelievable being used as a 2x10 cab for my Marshall.  I would highly recommend Eminence speakers for this guy.  Works well w/ pedals, too.
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