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Fender 3150XL Pure Nickel Wound Original Bullets Extra Light Electric Guitar Strings
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 13th, 2007
by Gish Music
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Sound Quality
You have to realize that this amp has a small speaker and you will not get the most full bodied tones. Clean tones are pretty good. The dirty channel is also not too bad. The digital effects sound pretty good but are limited. I like the sounds that I get out of this thing. For a small practice amp it is great. I tried the ZOOM 15 watt and the Marshall MG15 and I think the Fender is much better sounding that either of them.
I actually took it to rehearsal once and it started cutting in and out. It may have been way too over driven and got too hot. I had it cranked to 10 the whole time. I haven't had that problem again but I don't take it to rehearsal either. I would not recommend cranking it for extended periods of time.
General Comments
Overall this is a pretty solid performer in the practice amp category. 15 year player. I own or have owned at one time Marshall amps, Crate amps, Peavey amps, Fender Strat, Hamer, Ibanez, Epiphone SG, Peavey guitars, and pedals too numerous to list. I installed a speaker output on the back cover. I sometimes play this through a 4x12 cab for fun. It sounds pretty good and plenty loud even with a drummer. Just don't crank it for too long. If I had to buy it again I would. It has cool features that are useful for practice and this is exactly what this amp is for! I am happy with this amp.
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