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Electro-Harmonix Nano Switchblade Channel Selector Footswitch
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 21st, 2010
by Graham-Hse5B
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Sound Quality
Absolutely no scratching or loss of signal.
I bought this, used it for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden I would switch guitars (i use it upside down to switch between 2 guitars into 1 amp) and then when I switch back, no signal.  I opened the unit up and found some of the jacks to be faulty.  I replaced the faulty PCB based jacks with soldered ones like those found in a guitar since this pedal is far cheaper to fix than to send it off for repairs.  After this repair the pedal works fine again, for one week.  After this small period the A side of the switch will not work, the switch is now faulty.  Now keep in mind this pedal is a DPDT switch and 3 1/4" jacks, all of which are now broken.  I now have the casing as the only original part of this pedal. frankly it would have been a lot cheaper and easier to buy a metal case and build this myself.  Now that I have truly destroyed any hope of a guarantee i will eventually modify this pedal with a power supply which will light ultrabright LED's to show which channel is in use.  My suggestion is avoid this pedal unless the robust case and small size appeals to you and you are prepared to repair it in case of any faults.  Personally i would think it wise to buy a metal casing the same size as a Keeley true-bypass looper or a Majikbox microbuff, I have pedals from both companies including the microbuff unit and they are very high quality and worth a look for any pedal considerations.
General Comments
With every single component being faulty this pedal is extremely poor quality.  I had much higher hopes of EH and frankly i would strongly recommend researching other pedals before you consider buying this one.  If not, the materials to make one of these are far less than the cost of this pedal so perhaps have a go at building one yourself.  In reality you are paying a lot more for just a bit of print and a brand name, very poor pedal and it has thoroughly destroyed the reputation of that brand name in my opinion.
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