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DigiTech FS3X 3 Button Footswitch
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 9th, 2005
by Tonmorph Senmeister
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Sound Quality
"Sound Quality" obviously doesn't apply to this unit - it's just a box of three footswitches that electronically control the JamMan or Jimi Hendrix pedal - no signal goes through this box itself.
The unit seems about as reliable as such things could possibly get. You could probably drop it down a flight of stairs without damaging its functionality.
General Comments
This optional extra is technically perfectly OK. What bothers me though is the price of the thing. It costs 49 RRP (in the states, $49), but it is - after all - just a metal box with three buttons in. It couldn't possibly cost more than a few pounds to make, so why charge 49 for the thing? This is a very relevant point - especially considering that the DigiTech FS300 pedal looks suspiciously like exactly the same unit but with different printing on the box, and costs only 15 less. Guitarists aren't known for being especially rich, so charging so much for a little box with just three buttons (and no circuitry) in it seems like taking a bit of a liberty. Nonetheless, using this box really helps when songwriting with the JamMan. Being able to flip between loops using your feet, is a lot more convenient than using the rotary dial. I'm not sure that using the third switch to turn AutoRecord on/off was the best choice. I'd have preferred that button to act as an instant "Store" button on the current loop - but that's just personal preference I guess. It comes with an overly long, stereo jack-to-jack lead. The lead is not hardwired to the box - it is a seperate cable that plugs into a socket on the side of the FS3X. I didn't use that cable - why would you want to position the FS3X anywhere other than immediately next to JamMan? Instead, I just use a cheap, short stereo patchcord to do the job. If you don't mind being over-charged for the FS3X, it's a good unit. Just bear in mind that you could probably make your own for about 9.
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