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CB Basses D Bass
Overall Rating
Submitted: September 24th, 2006
by Matt-q_OEs
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Sound Quality
Sound: Here's where I get giddy! I have been a dear friend of Carey Nordstrand for over 12 years....I've known him since his days at the Redlands Guitar Shop, and seen his rise as one of the prominent bass builders around today. I've played and owned his earliest pickups and basses, and have been proud to watch his business flourish to where it is today. I am sad to say, however, that I never gave his single-coil J pickups a chance....I was always drawn to his SE design, since it sounds so damn GOOD!!!! I figured, why mess with the possibility of 60 cycle hum when I can get all of this Jacoey-goodness out of the SEs? Oops.....big, BIG mistake! The single coil pickups in this bass are THE TRUTH!!!!!!!! Just freakin' UNREAL!!!!! All of the punch of the SEs, but with so much more detail in the top end...anyone who thinks these pickups sound thin does not hear good tone the way I hear it...sorry. Jaco burp for DAYS, and the slap tone is wicked with both pickups fully on! These pickups have made me a true believer in his single-coil design! It doesn't hurt, however, that Cliff has the cavity shielded up like the Franklin mint!!!! Silent. Even with one pickup soloed. Yowza!!!!! They work incredibly well with the OPB-3, especially the mid boost. The Aggie bass boost can get a bit unruly, but due to the nature of singles, I think this is a good thing, especially if you want to thicken up the bridge pickup sound. These pickups were undoubtably THE match for this bass....thanks Carey and Cliff!
This bass is built to be played! As far as reliability, it's a no-brainer. Cliff stands behind his basses 100%, and he's a great guy, to boot! Anyone buying a CB Bass will not have any problems. The hardware is all high end Hipshot, and the buttons are Dunlops, so it needs NO tweaking!
General Comments
I've been playing for 30 years, and am a professional bassist and percussionist....I own a Nordstrand, F Bass, Roscoe fretless, an R bass, and this CB bass, as well as EA amps and Furlinetto custom cabinets. I would replace this bass with another CB bass is a heartbeat if anything were to happen to it. I've owned a ton of high end customs, and this bass is THE ONE! The only bass that stands in its league, IMO, is a Nordstrand. You name it, I've owned it. The CB Bass and a Nordstrand are as good as money can buy. If anyone is considering purchasing a bass from Cliff at CB Basses, you probably haven't had the opportunity to play one first. All I can tell you is that I am THE pickiest guy I know about gear, and this bass satisfies my needs fully....take the plunge; you'll be SO glad you did!
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