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CB Basses Ball Bass 6
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 4th, 2007
by Eddy-6jsGN
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Sound Quality
Nordstrand pickups are amazing by themselves, adding the Aguilar 3-band preamp and the coil-tap switches makes for a very versatile package. Please refer to the overall rating.
This bass is brand new. Based on my experience with my older CB Bass I don't expect any problems whatsoever. Please refer to the overall rating
General Comments
I received my bass about a month ago, but wanted to wait a little time before posting a review to let initial thrill and excitement "cool down" a bit. Well guess what?, the thrill and excitement have not diminished at all!!! Cliff's craftsmanship is nothing short of amazing. This bass shows the impeccable touch of a master luthier. The building quality is absolutely top notch, the attention to every detail is overwhelming. You look at the bass from every possible angle, you change the perspective in search for a flaw, any flaw, but everything is so perfect... Playability is crazy abnormal, the bass practically needed no further adjustment. Gee, almost perfect intonation right out of the box. Sweet low action. A great set up job for sure. You know: the bass almost plays itself. Balance is excellent both while standing or sitting. The neck is superb. Period. Smooth as silk, shape and tapper just feel wonderful. An immaculate fretboard with an excellent fret job. This bass uses custom ordered 32" strings. That plus the stiff neck, and Cliff's talent as a builder is what makes things work so nicely on this shorter scale. Let me tell you the low B in this instrument is as good as on most 35" (and 36" for that matter) I have played. The added playability factor was very important for my style and technique (or lack of) and suits my needs perfectly. I have small hands, but players with bigger hands can only but benefit from the smaller scale too. Playing this bass is a breeze :-) The tone is marvelous and V E R Y clear without being harsh at all. The pickups/electronics combo in conjunction with Cliff's wood core choice provide a wide sound spectrum. Want it warm and mellow?> it's there. Want it round and sweet?> it's certainly there. Want it BIG and FAT? Yep, it is there all right. Want a snappier brighter more "in your face" tone?> just switch to single coil mod for a more aggressive Jazzier tone and there you are... This baby has tone to die for and it is versatile and very well articulated. The bass is ALSO a stunning looker. Highest quality woods, Exceptional craftsmanship and elegant classy finish that will provide good protection and at the same time "bring out" and enhance the best qualities of those woods. It is a beauty !!! I've been playing for over 30 years and have owned lots of basses. This was my first real attempt at a "boutique" custom ordered bass and the instrument surpassed all my expectations.
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