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C Fouke Industrial Flying V
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 14th, 2000
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
I play music. Many styles, mostly my own. I would like to make one thing clear. This not a metal(the style of music) guitar, it can do metal but it is more than a Jackson, Ibanez... It can do blues, it can do rock, it can do any thing and as I am extremely arrogant it might just be me. The guitar is just a channel from my fingers to your ears. That's not to say this doesn't sound great. My set up is straight into a Fender Princeton Chorus amp (I gotta find something better and still cheap) and through the effects loop I have a Boss FZ-3 fuzz, grapic EQ, compressor, EHX Small Stone, Digitech Whammy/Wah, Boss DD-7 Digital Delay. The amp has chorus and overdrive. It isn't any noisier than my other guitars (Danelecetro '59 DC reissue, original vintage 1965 Fender Jaguar, Fender '72 Custom Telecaster Reissue) with all these effects sitting in front of the amp with no noise suppressor. Rich/full sound. Unplugged it's loud. Plugged it's loud. This guitar has the best sustain of any guitar I have ever played. Even without my fuzz I can drone and sustain notes forever. I am usually a single-coil fan because I find most humbuckers muddy and inarticulate, not on this guitar. I assume it is the body materials but these pickups are articulate and clean. The fuzz sound is excellent, not to trebly or harsh. The clean sound is great as well. I don't have any dislikes. I like everything.
10 Rock solid! 11 Metal solid! Yes, I know you've all been wondering, this quitar WILL withstand live playing. It's metal! Nothing's lose. I'd still have another guitar on hand, different tunings... This finish will never wear off. The strap buttons are solid, I can depend on this guitar.
General Comments
I've been playing for three years. Don't let this fool you, I am an excellent player. I can do anything and everything with this. My gear is listed above. "Shiny" will not be stolen or lost. If she were, however, I would not hunt the bastard down and cut off his nuts and nail 'em to his forehead, burn him alive, shoot his family or any of the harmony central review cliches. I am sorry for digressing from the review but there are a lot of extremely stupid, violent people who post reviews and their stupidity's been eatin' me up inside. If I could buy another, I would. C. says there will be more, check ebay. I love the tone, the S U S T A I N. It rocks. It weeps. It screams. It whispers. I wish it had a 3-way but that's it. I've compared it to countless other guitars. I'm the guy you see at the music store playing every guitar. I would rather give it something higher than a 10 as it has inspired hours and hours and hours of playing (that's priceless), and I've only had it for four days.
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