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C Fouke Deep Freeze
Overall Rating
Submitted: September 2nd, 2004
by Anonymous-A50Ok
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Sound Quality
Holy hell! As it turns out, I very appropriately named this monster the Deep Freeze, seeded in the more extreme noise/industrial/cyber-whatever areas. How fucking suiting! I pile on obscene amounts of fuzz, distortion, and effects on this then tap into the Sustainer with controlled death fuzzy feedback and massive machine-like palm-muting with the Invader... it's all over, man. I was surprised to discover that all C Fouke guitars are actually hollow, so they sustain wonderfully, even without the Sustainer system engaged. I use an active JBL Eon 15G2 as my amp; 400 watts, thanks very much. Fuck Marshalls and guitar amps with their limitations.
Ummm, lemme see here... yeah, I think this one will be a bit durable! This is aluminum, bitches! The added crossbar adds even more durability, if that's possible. I expect the guitar and components to last for eons... dependable to the max.
General Comments
I started playing guitar eight years ago, but mostly do synth, electronics, and producing knowadays. I knew a kind of metamorphosis was happening as the string gauges turned progressively thicker, my ideas increasingly alien, and the chords & intervals weirder. Nothing in the boring world ever came close to appeasing my constant miscontent and drive for originality. Simple wood wasn't cutting it anymore. So, I naturally turned to Chris Fouke, who courageously obliged and delivered the goods like hell. Yes, I poured nearly $1,800 into this work of art. As the only one like it in the world, my proud creation is worth the petty ubiquitous paper to no end. If you're curious, check it out in the "extreme" section (hehehe) of www.industrialguitars.com. Now for a bass guitar... peace, all.
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