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C Fouke Custom Fright
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 14th, 2002
by Doug-VSJLI
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Sound Quality
I've been playing for about 20 years and I'm mostly a rock/blues player although I sometimes dabble in country rock ( but not too often). This guitar is exactly what I was looking for. I also own a Fouke "P" style guitar and from playing that I knew that I wanted Chris to build me one that was cutomized to my specs. I run this guitar through a POD for home recording and through a Rivera Quiana and Line 6 Flextone for live playing. This guitar has amazing sustain, I'm talking sustain for days. Besides that it has a wonderful clean tone, I'm still exploring the tone through various amp settings but so far I'm really excited about the lushness of this guitar when put through the clean channel of the Rivera, it has a complex sound, very full, very melodic. I can also give it a "cutting" tone much like a tele by playing with the amp settings, always a plus. It also sounds amazing when it's not plugged into anything, the hollow aluminum body gives it a sound like a cross between a resonator and an acountic, very cool. Then plug it in and it really comes alive.It really sounds like no other guitar I own and I own 13 other electrics, from Les Pauls to Strats and Paul Reed Smiths. Through the dirty channel it has a lot of characterics of a Les Paul, strong, more highs on the bridge pickup, more bluesy middles from the neck pickup, I haven't played with both pickups on much yet. The big plus of this guitar is the amount of sustain it gets clean or dirty, it sustains and holds notes better than anything else I have or have played.
This guitar is built like a rock, I'm sure it will last a long, long time, hey, it's aluminum. The composie used to sandwich the two body halves is also solid and long lasting. I'd only need a backup for string breakage, I wouldn't worry about the guitar at all.
General Comments
Want a cool custom guitar that looks like no other, sounds like no other, has tons of sustain and lush sound? Order a Fouke Industrial guitar or buy one of the standard models that Chris puts up on eBay every once in awhile, you will not be disappointed. For the price this is a great value and they are just cool guitars. I'm very pleased, in fact I'm already thinking of coming up with a new design and having him build me another! Have any questions about this guitar, drop me an email.
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