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C Fouke Combat Paul
Overall Rating
Submitted: October 24th, 2000
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
The low-B tuning and hollow metal body make this guitar sound outrageous for really heavy, distorted parts. The low end is MUCH tighter than any 7-string I've ever played. The sound is very akin to my '97 LP Studio, which is what I was shooting for. My main use for this guitar is pretty specialized. It's definitely a cranked-Marshall, power-chord/riff application. But the guitar seems to sound REALLY good in other contexts as well. I bet this thing would sound amazing set up as a slide guitar. The acoustic sound of it is great, sort of like a dobro. The sustain is longer-lasting and more controlled (before feedback) than just about any guitar I've ever played. Great on one hand, and a definite polishing of the palm-mute on the other.
I didn't expect this guitar would be so solid. I expected qulaity, but not this degree of integrity. It's neither lightweight, or painfully heavy. Just right. The metal finish leaves me no fear of smacking into a monitor or amp like a wood body might. The polymer sides feel really nice. Very smooth and silky. The edges are all filed smooth, with no sharp points to scratch yourself on. Real high-quality craftsmanship.
General Comments
I've been playing for 17 years and this is the most satisfying guitar I've ever played, next to my LP Studio. It looks totally unique and compelling. The sound is INCREDIBLE. I can outchunk just about anyone now. I'll probably be adding other Industrials to my arsenal as time progresses. The service and quality was so unbelievable.
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