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Boss TU-12 Tuner
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 28th, 2003
by BobGee
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Sound Quality
If you run it in line like I do, it will affect your sound somewhat. However, I felt the affect was minimal and not worth the trade off of not having the convenience of tuning mid-song.
Here's the real reason I am submitting this review. I hope to save someone some aggravation. One night during a performance, I get this horrendous buzzing comming from my gear. Check all my connections, OK.Turn amp back on, buzzing still there. I decide to finnish the gig with my backup amp, no pedalboard. Bring amp to tech, spend $50 for bench fee, amp is fine. Setup gear at home to check thing out further, I notice that when I move the patch cable from my tuner to my Blues Driver I get the buzz. I get a new cable for $10. Next show.............buzzzzzzzzz. A guitar player friend of mine was at the show, and asked if he could take a look. Told me to disconnect the tuner. I do so..........................................silence!
General Comments
The message here is DO NOT USE THIS AS A STAGE TUNER. At home it's fine. Especially since Boss now makes one for stage use. I just don't want a fellow guitarist to have to go through this like I did.
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