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Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-3
Overall Rating
Submitted: March 23rd, 2005
by squeak_D-brEaf
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Sound Quality
Sounds overall are really good. The drum kits are VERY realistic. I could be wrong, but I keep thinking of the V drums when I play this unit. It will work for many types of music. I will have to say this unit is a rockers dream. The first 36 patterns are rock patterns. That may not sound like much, but consider that there are 100 preset patterns. That's 1/4 of the patterns dedicated to rock:) It will also work well for jazz, blues, funk, and even some hip hop. I think the onboard effects are pretty good. The default on them may need some adjusting, but this again varies by the user and what their specific needs are. It reacts very well to playing. The pads are velocity sensitive, and some have multiple samples within one sound. Meaning the sound changes when you tap the pad with more force. There is no aftertouch. Again my only dislike with the sounds is that the open hi hats on ALL the kits is way too short. The sample should have been longer.
Yes you can depend on this unit. As with pretty much everything today it's made of plastic, and bears the well overplayed silver color that has been seen on SOOOOOO much equipment today. I would use this on a gig without question. It hasn't crashed on me once and I haven't detected any software bugs (doesn't mean they're not there, I just haven't seen in during my normal operations).
General Comments
Overall GREAT BANG FOR THE BUCK! I love this drum machine. It's a great unit with good drum and bass sounds. It is easy to use and program and that's always a good thing. There is another drum machine out now that may give it a good run for the money is Zooms new model (can't remember the model number). The only thing I wish it had is longer open hi hat samples. Also I almost forgot, another limited feature is that for some odd reason Boss has limited the max number of measures per variation to only 4 measures (why in the hell did they do that??????????) Again over all it's a good machine to have. If it were lost or stolen I'd probably buy the new Zoom model. It's only $179 and has more features (of course it wasn't out when I bought this one). I also have a Zoom MRT-3 drum machine too, and a side by side comparison is sounds-----I'd have to say Zoom has the edge. The samples on the MRT-3 (which is a $99.00 drum machine) are much cleaner and stronger. It's not to say the Boss is bad, but I think Zoom has an edge with sound quality. Only thing is that the sounds on the Zoom MRT-3 are dry. There are no internal effects at all. Which is one of the reasons why I bought the Boss plus the boss had bass sounds and many other features the MRT-3 lacked.
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