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Boss DR-670 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine
Overall Rating
Submitted: July 5th, 2003
by Edga
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Sound Quality
One thing that I find a little tricky is the pressure sensativity. That is to get anything between full volume or barely audible you have to do several takes. However I think you can change this, thogh as I've mislayne the manual I haven't tried yet. Despite what some may have written, you can change key of the bass on a recorded pattern. You go into pattern edit and use the voice mode. I find that pretty useful. The sounds of the drums seem good approximations to me. I mean with a little reverbe and tweeking of EQ etc, you can get a passable sound. Of course not exactly real. But that's what drum kits are for. Also this thing has a load of dance, hip hop sounds which are also pretty good.
When I first got this box it looked a bit fragile. That is, it's very light. Even though it's designed for it, I felt a bit aprehensive about wacking the pads with heavy fingers. So far so good though. From what I've heard Boss / Roland are pretty reliable. Of course it's a plastic box with electronics inside so it won't make a good door wedge and it's not aerodynamic.
General Comments
My main instrument is guitar. I play mainly either surf style stuff, or stoner rock or industrial metal. I needed a flexable drum machine and that's what I've got. I love this little machine and wouldn't be with out it. I only considered getting an Alesis SR-16 before I got this, but I went for this as, well it was more modern and I thought it would just have better programming possibilties. i.e. more sounds, more pattern storage etc. I would definitely replace this if I had to.
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