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behringer XM8500 Microphone
Overall Rating
Submitted: December 31st, 2014
by sidders
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Sound Quality
This microphone is basically very similar to the industry standard Shure SM58. As far as sound goes is is a little different I find that the highs are more pronounced and the bass is boomier but it lacks the mids of the SM58. but it still does a very good job. It is also a little hotter gain wise so watch the setting on the board if you have been used to SM58s
Originally bought three of these over 4 years ago they have been used in rehearsals and gigs  without a single  problem and to be truthful we have never worried about treating them with kid gloves.
These are a quarter of the price of an SM58 and the majority of people cannot tell the difference. Excellent value
General Comments
Overall these are a fantastic budget priced mic. Behringer kit can be a bit of a lottery but when they get something right they do a good job and cheaply. We have had guests use our mics and come away saying you cannot beat the old SM58 and cannot believe us when we tell them they are a Behringer. Originally we used all Shure mics but now all our vocals go through the XM8500s as the guys prefer them. JFor me I find they accentuate my highs 9which need it) much more than the SM58, which is a bonus.
Reviewer's Background
Played guitar and vocals in a few cover bands covering just about everything at some time or with some band.
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