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behringer FCB1010 MIDI Footcontroller
Overall Rating
Submitted: October 27th, 2005
by Todd Matherne
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Sound Quality
I am currently using the FBC1010 midi out to the V-amp 2 midi in. From the left channel of the V-amp2 (balanced cable) to the pa. From the right channel to the effects return of my amp. I currently play a Les Paul Studio and use a Peavey Transtube. My wireless rig is a audio technicica piece of crap I bought at GC. I do not mic my amp as the direct signal (I use L1 mode) feeds the house mix. I also use my original pod bracket to hold my V-amp2. I will use the V-amp2 for small gigs that we play sometimes just through a power mixer. I love the carry on suitcase. I have ordered the Behringer Vampire LX112 and will soon run my rig just like the schematic in the manual. I will run balanced cables for both left and right channels to the house, and according to the schematic I will run the output of my wireless to the pre dsp input on the back of the amp. I will also connect the midi out of the FBC1010 to the midi in of the Vampire LX112. This will consolidate my rig and setup time should be less than 5 minutes. Oh, yes, I will also transfer my patches from the V-amp2 via midi to the Vampire LX112. Within minutes, my amp should be ready to go.
I purchases a no name brand pedal board off of Ebay several years back. This pedal board has seen stomp boxes, an RP-5 for about 2 years and now with about a half an inch on each side the FBC1010. After I completed programming, I peeled off the feet, took out my trusty 2" velcro strips that I purchased from WalMart's craft section and wala, a custom case for my controller. The pedals are plastic though. The housing is built like a tank.
General Comments
I play in a variety band (cover band) from the 50's to today. I am one that needs to tap dance over choices of effects but wanted to simplify my setup time and still deliver a qood quality sound. I've been playing for over 25 years. If it was lost or stolen I would purchase another immediately as I now will own two of Behringer's vamp products. And still may purchase the V-amp pro. I love the versatility. I am tempted to program bank 01 to add every effect at the touch of a button. Now for the quick tips You don't need to worry about any global settings. Direct select is off by the factory. So here goes. Select the switch you wish to edit (1-10) Hold the Bank Down switch for 3 seconds Press the Enter/Up switch once. (The green select led lites) Make sure switch#1-5 led's are off. If any press until they go off Make switch #6 led come on. If on press briefly until it blinks. Press Enter/up and enter the control change number you wish to use(The chart is in the V-amp manual) Press Enter/up now enter the low value (00) Press Enter/up now enter the high value (127) Press Enter/up Repeat the entire process for switch#7 (controller#2) and Switch#8/9 (Wah/Volume) was already set at the factory Press down switch for 3 seconds. You should now see bank 00 These steps are how I programmed my first 5 switches as stomp boxes. Email me if you have any questions. The yahoo newsgroup document gives you all the values and several options. Also see my review of the V-amp2. I wrote the review before I purchased the midi controller. It's like night and day.
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