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behringer Eurodesk SL2442FX-PRO Mixer
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 23rd, 2008
by JR-p1Awf
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Sound Quality
There are often very slight, but still audible clicks when engaging the high pass filters on a mic channel. The mic preamps are noisy above half way, and I find I have to use more gain than I would normally need to with the same mics. The built in 9 band graphic EQ is not very useful, it works but each fader covers too wide a frequecny band to be useful. It is too limited even for general eq purposes. Thankfully it can be easily bypassed. The channel eq is effective but quite 'wide', as in it affects more frequencies than you might want. The HF EQ is too low and wide to be very useful. The built in effects are generally poor, with most sounding hollow or metallic. There are a couple that are usable however, if used in moderation. If Behringer had put in fewer but better presets it would have been better than cramming in 99 useless ones just to make up the numbers.
The desk I used arrived with 5 dead or dodgy switches for either mute or channel assign functions (i.e. LR or group 1, 2 etc). Also arrived with 1 dead fader and a fader with a 'gap' in the middle of it. Not very impressive for a new desk, although most of it was cured with liberal use of switch cleaner. The internal build quality is poor, and often results in broken connections after a journey in a car/van. Might be all right for an installation though.
General Comments
Overall not a bad desk but fatally flawed in many respects for live sound use. Sound quality is a lot better than would be expected from a żż300 GBP sound desk. If Behringer had sorted out some of the general design problems it would be a much better desk. If you don't need to use the auxillaries and the vague EQ, don't mind the slightly noisy pre amps and pointless 9 band EQ it is all right. As always you get what you pay for. Save up some more money and you can buy a real sound desk instead of a highly compromised Behringer.
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