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behringer BTR2000 2-Channel Rack Tuner and Metronome
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 1st, 2008
by cz9
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Sound Quality
I do not run my guitar through this tuner to my amp, and if you are the kind of geek who says things like "tone suck" you shouldn't be doing that either. I did try it out just to see how well it worked and it was nice and quiet until I turned the lights on, then I got a buzz. My rig is usually nice and quiet and as far as I know everything is grounded properly. With the light off it seemed as quiet as any other comparably priced tuner. I use a patchbay to split my signal off to the tuner and it works great. Or you could also use an A/B switch, or if can't resist running through this tuner you could just turn the light off.
The face is plastic so I wouldn't call it "heavy duty" but as long as you don't toss your rack around like a jack-ass it shouldn't be any more likely to break than any of your other chinese-built schwag.
General Comments
Because of its sensitivity this tuner has also made me more aware of the subtle differences that you can make in a recording by tuning the guitar in different ways depending on how it will be used for the song or part, e.g. tuning for the initial attack (chugga-chugga) vs. making sustained chords ring nicely. This knowledge alone has been worth the purchase price, because I would never have caught on to this with my old tuner. Highly recommended if you want a nice pro-looking and functioning rack tuner but can't imagine paying $250+. Behringer is good at making expensive gear look stupid. If you don't put this in your signal chain then the light looks cool and is a nice bonus, otherwise you may have to keep it turned off because mine makes noise.
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