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behringer BTR2000 2-Channel Rack Tuner and Metronome
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 24th, 2009
by Axeman of Novichok
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Sound Quality
I play a few jackson clones, with the btr2000 at the top of my rack, an ada mp2, and an alesies midiverb 4 in the ada's effects loop. I use the effects return of a crate head to drive my crate cabinet, then. I checked for noise or discoloration, and couldn't notice anything, mabey a slight drop in volume when i run straight through the btr2000, but it was so minimal it could have been my mind expecting to hear a difference. I've read reviews of the front lights adding noise to the signal. This is ture, but minimal. I cranked my amp on a clean setting and flicked the light on and off finding a slight staticy sound but again it was soooo minimal compared to the normal noise that was already coming through i've chosen not to worry about it. On a heavy gain channel, i couldn't notice at all. It tunes fine, and is pretty picky so you could stand there for a long time trying to make the light stay green, which i'm sure will frustrate the hell out of alot of perfectionists, get it so it stays pretty much green, and go play your guitar already!
Can i depend on it? time will tell...its still pretty new. I always keep a little tuner in my gig bag so if this thing fails, i'll have that. i've never had a problem with a behringer product and if i do i'll be on hear to complain. No opinion for now, regarding the btr2000.
General Comments
I play metal, and gig frequently. This works well for what i'm doing, i can check my tuning in between songs without drawing too much attention to myself. If it were lost or stolen, if i could afford a korg or a boss i would buy them becuase of their reputation, but this works well for now.
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