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Award-Session ClearTone YellowTAB Custom Cable
Overall Rating
Submitted: October 17th, 2010
by SquareLife
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Sound Quality
Surprising.As soon as I plugged it in, I could hear a dramatic different in both tone and clarity (from a previous planet waves). I've owned numerous amounts of cables through the years from the lowest to the "highest grade" (George L's, Monster. I lost these at a gig, the reason why i first went for the ClearTone) and can truly say that the ClearTone YellowTAB's sit up there with the best of them. Not quite as sharp, but really quite astonishing for the price.The cables deliver a nice clear, crisp tone without any hiss, hum or crackle. Brilliant.If you plug your guitar in with one of these ClearTone YellowTAB's and then plug in with maybe a Klotz or Planet Waves cable, you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference.
The ClearTone YellowTAB's have accompanied me on stage and I have had no doubts or worries that they would be able to withstand a live environment. Nor have I been worried about their ability to perform in the studio.I'd like to also comment here on Award Session themselves for their customer service. From the point of simply ordering your plug and size of cable to receiving them at your door a couple of days later I felt confident with the company. Ordering is simple and if (like me) you want a little more information with postage enquiries etc, they seem happy to help. I received emails back from them within an hour of each. They are a genuine, friendly company. However I have heard other, opposite opinions. Some quite startling about how emails were rather offensive and Award-Session staff being quite rude.Back to the cables. These are made the day you order but also if you order before mid-day they are usually despatched the same day!Oh and finally you don't pay for some silly plastic box that the cable comes delivered in. It's simply delivered in a bubble wrapped, brown envelope. Cost effective, protective and it helps save the environment.
General Comments
The quality both aurally and physically are pretty much top notch.The price is unbelievable for what you're getting!! This for me is the selling point. I would be willing to pay much more than what i did for this cable. The extortionate prices of some instrument cables on the market really does make you think how larger companies can get away with it after purchasing a ClearTone YellowTAB.Although I am going to be a little hypocritical by ordering a Pete Cornish. Haha.Finally: the customer service. I can honestly say that personally my experience with Award-Session was quick, friendly, supportive and informative.If you want a high instrument cable without paying a silly price. Get a ClearTone YellowTAB.
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