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Audio-Technica Continued Audio-Technica Pro70
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 24th, 2010
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Sound Quality
The sound is very clear and clean. In fact, the best way to capture the true sound of your acoustic guitar is with a mic, or better still, SEVERAL mics, but they are prone to feedback. So, I have the Pro 70 mounted inside the guitar and the signal EQ’ed for a nice tone. I cut out most of the boxiness and fingersqueek with tone settings. The Fishman pickup has its own EQ settings and the two signals are blended together with a small Behringer mixer. Together, the mic and pickup sound amazing! Much better than the Fishman by itself. Individual notes are crisp and chords no longer sound “electronically reproduced”. The guitar voice is now bright and crisp… even when the strings start to get old. The rest of this writing focuses on feedback issues:I play on stage in a church of about 200. My biggest problem is that the bass (and drums) are loud enough to vibrate my guitar and I need to be able to hear myself above them. I disconnected the floor monitor that’s in front of me, but I have a Fender amp over to my left-hand side… about 9 or 10 feet away, just for my guitar only. I use two outputs from the mixer with two Ernie Ball volume pedals. One is for my amplifier and the other is for the house system. In other words, I can turn off the volume at anytime with foot pedals. Through the house system, I have no problems. I have to be careful with my amp though, as it can easily feedback if set too loud or if I move too close to it. It’s for me, and only me, and I can hear myself, along with the rest of the instruments.
As you would expect with Audio-Technica products, this mic is very reliable.
General Comments
Anytime you introduce a microphone to a live stage performance, you have to consider moving things around to control unwanted feedback.
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