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Applause UAE148 Acoustic-Electric Tenor Ukulele
Overall Rating
Submitted: January 11th, 2006
by Cicero
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Sound Quality
Acoustically and with the so-so High G strings it comes with it's pretty week. OK, I'm spoiled by my super nice tenor Kamaka. I'm not disappointed however because I wanted it for it's electric possibilities. With my Fender Acoustasonic Jr. DPS I get a quality sound from it and if your familiar with Ovation/Applause instruments at all you pretty much know what your getting from that company. Using diffent low G Aquila strings might help it acoustically but still I advise against getting this if you don't intend to plug it in. I suggest you play it first if you DON'T intend to amp it. You can do much better for the money getting something more traditional. Once plugged in, it prety much has a nice nylon string guitar sound. Kapo a clasical guitar at the fifth fret and that's basically the sound you get with this 148. Play it first if you can and make sure that's the sound you want. I get zero feedback and it sounds better then I expected. Because it's not really a very good acoustic uke I gave it's sound 5 and electrically 9+.
The reason I got this uke IS BECAUSE I wanted a ruged player to gig with friends.As long as I have a spare baterry I'm guessing its almost bullit proof. The strap buttons helps one hold it because its got a slippery round back. Five year warranty and I bet it never needs it.
General Comments
I've played guitars for 33 years and just got into ukes last year. Man, I love those tiny boxes. This one is perfect for my needs and leads and sounds/looks good enough for me. How could one not want to freshen up their gig with a few ukulele songs. OR, as a mandolin substitute instrument. I'd get another one or maybe try the smaller solid top electric if it ever got lost. If I had $800 more I get a nicer custom electrified uke, but for what I paid I'm very happy. I don't worry about letting my son use it as he follows all the rules about care of instruments. I wish it was louder acoustically, came with better strings and didn't have those small glue flaws. Overall, I'm pleased and so rated it OVERALL better then the sum of it's parts. BTW....These UAE148 fit very nice in most baritone ukes cases. Don't get the "cheep" made for Applause uke/mandolin hard case. Pro Tec "harshell seems the way to go for myself.
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