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Ampeg SVPCL Classic Bass Preamp
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 20th, 2004
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
I have tried the SVPCL with a few different basses, I prefer the sound using P-Bass with active EMG's. The pre cooks (in a good way) when the input gain is turned up & sometimes I add a Varidrive tube distortion pedal (with the pedal's drive barely on "1") to the front end for a little extra grind for even more of a "cranked" SVT sound. But it also has a sweet, smooth, clean tone. Primarily I have been using the SVPCL to record direct. I run it through a focusrite voicmaster pre for a little cab simulation and then straight into the computer. It sounds fantastic. I also have A/B'd it with my SVT 3 pro head through a cab and although the 3 pro sounds great, I think the SVP CL sounds better (I used a Stewart World 1.2 power amp to power the SVPCL).
This pre is brand new. I am told that Michael Anthony is taking an SVP CL out on the road for the upcoming VH tour so he is depending on it! Although I have used it for a few recordings, I have yet to put mine through a hard workout on the road. I bought the SVPCL for direct recording & also to use on the road so I could simply plug into a house system and already have my tone dialed in. I will know soon enough how it holds up, but I am very confident it will!
General Comments
I have been using Ampeg bass gear for almost 10 years. I own an SVT Classic AV Head, two SVT 410HE cabs, two SVT 15E cabs, SVT 3 pro, and now the SVP CL. I have either used or put through the paces all of the current Ampeg tube based amps. (2 pro, 3 pro, 4 pro, 5 pro, SVP PRO, SVP BSP, SVT CLASSIC). As pre-amps go, I prefer the sound of the SVP CL over the SVP PRO & SVP BSP. The SVT Classic AV is my main live amp, but I am not going to take a 85 lb. head on the road since for me that involves plenty of flights and the weight limit is 70 lbs for checked items. The SVP CL will be touring with me from now on. Oh yeah, if it was stolen I would call my insurance company and replace it!
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