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Alvarez AD60CK Artist Series Dao Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Cutaway
Overall Rating
Submitted: March 22nd, 2006
by Kevan-blvEh
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Sound Quality
I play a mix of worship music (David Crowder Band, Jeremy Camp) with folky rock (Edwin McCain, Dave Matthews Band) and acoustic rock (Goo Goo Dolls, Dashboard Confessional). It does about everything pretty well for a guitar at this price, and more importantly, it fits well with my style, sound, voice and personality. I really bought this guitar because I played it against other Takamines, Fenders and Alvarez models in the $400 to $900 price range with spruce or cedar tops, and later that night this was the one guitar I was constantly thinking about. Sort of like when you fall in love with a beautiful and enchanting woman...but anyway, back to the guitar, the sound is a bit warmer and darker to me than spruce/cedar top guitars. I also really liked the appearance of the wood because it has a definite unique personality to it. Acoustically it has a rich, full tone, but doesn't ring quite as long as a spruce/cedar guitar. Plugged in, it can be bright or mellow, soft or hard...pretty much whatever you want if you know how to work the EQ right. Compared to my Simon&Patrick Spruce Top, it's a bit warmer and darker, whereas the S&P is brighter and louder.
This guitar has withstood live shows and done so rather well, although the occasional string break has more to do with my playing style and alternate tunings than any fault of the guitar itself. I would gig without a backup guitar, but never without another set of strings and battery for the pickup. That much should be just common sense, but a backup guitar is always nice to have around...
General Comments
I've been playing different instruments for different amounts of time. As for the acoustics, I own the AD60CK and the previously mentioned Simon&Patrick. If you love a guitar with a unique look and sound, I'd definitly recommend this instrument. If it were stolen I would cry, fume, and hunt down the punk who stole it and beat him to a pulp. Whenever I got out of jail I would definitly buy this guitar again! Okay, I may not really hunt the thief down but I would definitly cry, and as soon as I pulled myself together I would go back to Sky Guitars and get another. Try it out and decide for yourself, because you'll never get a better guide for what you want than yourself. Good luck and happy hunting! Peace!
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