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Alesis MultiMix 6FX Mixer
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 23rd, 2004
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
well let me start by saying that I have in my arsenal..soundcraft,yamaha,mackie and behringer mixers and through a careful a/b test recorded digitally onto a digital work station and a reel to reel 16 track tascam machine using acoustic guitar and vocals with other music professionls in the room as audio testers.. this little 100 dollars mixer beat them all ..the alesis multimix is the most natural sounding the others had a bit of that boxy and somewhat tinny sound that you hear from cheap preamps but somehow some way they stuck preamps into this little things that competes with lots other much more expensive preamps I own like tc electronic,focusrite,dbx etc..and I have no idea how or why :) Im sure it was accidental or just one of those "right" blends of wiring that just happen to hit the spot..major diamond in the rough..the first one i got had troubles with the digital effects (ooh did I mentions theres 100 digital effects)...so I had to return it but I was so impressed with the naturalness of the sound I opted for another and after hearing them sold my behringer stuff..Im sure the multimix with the digital outs is something worth looking into..man a diamond in the rough..not alot of options wish it had individual mute buttons but I think the 12 channel versions with the digital out's do have them..I use the small 6 and 8 channel versions and I love them....keeps my larrivee sounding like a larrivee :) ok so my adat which cost me 4000 bucks sells for 200 on ebay now :) who cares ...I'll forgive alesis and blame it on the times this piece however is worth every penny!
well so far so good...doesnt have standard ac adapters so if your on the road I suggest buying a second adapter from alesis cause you cant get these at a local radio schlock :) there totally proprietary
General Comments
best sounding pre's in a mixer I"ve heard in recent times
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