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Alesis Andromeda 61-Key Analog Synthesizer
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 16th, 2010
by M-Masta
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Sound Quality
The Andromeda is a spectacular sounding synth. First, it doesn't sound like your grandma's Jupiter 8, Moog, or Prophet. The Andromeda has the cutting edge sound to accompany a cutting edge feature set. How to define the sound though? The Andromeda cuts like a razor blade, hits with the force of a sledgehammer, and retains a unique warmth and fatness. Like with the other chaps, I've heard my fair share of classics, and competitors. The Andy stands on its own. It's an incredibly versatile synth, and can sound plastic, punchy and fat, deep, or sharp. The Andromeda has an unbelievable bass, and the leads are searing, and hard. The pads sound a bit cold, but in an enticing, still very analog way. The raw sound of the synth is very pleasing,unlike my Virus, which is sickly weak.
The build of the Andy feels rock solid. Metal front panel, and the knobs feel quite sturdy. The synth feels like it could take a lot of abuse and hard love before anything really went south. All the same, at the price this thing goes for, I'd still prefer to leave it behind. The Autotuning feature is a great plus for live performance though, and makes the Andromeda a very dependable synth.
General Comments
If my Andromeda broke, I'd definitely replace it. This is the sort of piece that you can generally only afford once though, so if it did break, it'd probably be a long time until I did. That being said, the Andromeda is the most inspiring piece of gear I've purchased in almost six years. The features, the sound, the looks, they all serve one purpose, to make you make music. The Andy is a complex synth no doubt, and it's certainly not the last synth you'll ever need. But as another reviewer said, if you're looking for the sounds of the future, this is the synth for you. I feel sorry for the chap who's purchase didn't work out well, because he's really missing out on what this thing can be, and can do. All the same, if you're looking for a piece of kit that'll put you light-years above the competition, the Andromeda is your man!
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