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AKG WMS 400 Wireless System For Guitar
Overall Rating
Submitted: September 26th, 2005
by Stumpy-AzDkN
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Sound Quality
Get this straight, I'm talking for bass here. The sound is exactly like my sound with the cable minus a very small amount of low end (easy to compensate for). I shopped around for quite some time to find a unit that didn't suck the life out of my basses. The only other units that didn't were the higher end sure's which were a touch more money. Normal stage setup: Bass (Spector Euro5-EMG's BQCpre, Ibanez SR500-EMG's BQCpre) WMS400 wireless (upgraded cable) Sabine RT7100 rack tuner Hartke 7000 dBx compressor in the fx loop All in shock mounted rack Harke 215bxl, 2.5xl cabinets My rig used to be a little muddy with the Ibanez (Bass's fault not the rig) Kind of funny, but the slight low end roll off makes the bass sound better. Don't notice much difference with the Spector. The Ibanez is strung up C,F,A#,D# basicly lower 4 of a 5 string tuned up half a step to make my life easier matching up with the guitarist's tunings. Like I mentioned earlier, setting the gain on an active instrument is touchy, but I am running 18v pre's a 9v might not be an issue. Few points off for the low end roll-off.
I have had the unit about a year, gigged consistantly with it. NEVER had a problem with it that wasn't my own fault. Handy tips: *Make a heavier cable, you can find the mini XLR's (tln4 or something) through TREW AUDIO. get the ProCo mini mic cable. Keep the old chinsey molded POS as a backup, it's too damn long anyway. *Use the little red terminal plug to lock the transmitter in the on position if you run around and jump off shit like I do. It saves some embarrasment. Unit is very reliable if reciever is racked and you don't stomp on the transmitter. If you use a wireless and don't bring a cable for a backup, please give your gear to someone that can use it and shoot yourself in the head, you must not use your brain much anyway.
General Comments
Over all, this is a damn good unit. NEVER had a drop out. NEVER had it break. I play in a heavy almost metal rock band. I am extremely physical on and off stage (known to get in the pit while playing). Aside from my own arm kicking the transmitter off while playing (use the lock plug, it works) this thing has never let me down. Best of all, no freaking cable to trip on! If some idiot stole this I would probably try one of the Sure units just for grins, but might end up buying another WMS400 in the end. By the way, if they stole it, they'd probably have my whole damn rack which would really suck! Overall damn good unit, if you like it, buy it!
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