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AKG WMS 400 Wireless System For Guitar
Overall Rating
Submitted: March 8th, 2005
by Kevin-yfFni
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Sound Quality
I'm running a Pedal-Pad MPSXL. A Soldano HR50+ into the patch bay. From the wireless into an Arion Stage tuner, Fulltone CLYDE Deluxe, Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive, Fulltone ChoralFlange, Boss DD6, and into a Boss Noise Suppressor (which I really don't need). I don't run any of these thru the effects loop, cause I simply don't have to! I play a Les Paul Classic, Fender Telecaster Plus, Steinberger GL4T (all graphite), and a Jackson Soloist with ZW EMG's. I swear it's as quite as my good Planet Waves guitar cables. This unit is noiseless! All of my effects sounded awesome. Walked down the street (it was dark) to see it's range, had to turn back half a block away as I realized I was in my boxers. Incredible sound!
I'd gig without a backup, no question. But anyone who wouldn't bring along a great cable as an emergency backup to a wireless shouldn't be gigging to begin with! The reciever is a solid, well made unit, and the transmitter is a very rugged, hard plastic that looks and feels very durable. I had a WMS 40 Guitar Bug that I gave to my son for X-mas. It was a cool unit, but can't compare to this!
General Comments
I play blues-based rock for the most part. But I enjoy hard rock as well....I've been playing a long time, but really was inactive for many years due to a real-job. I'm exiting Corporate-America to open my own Winery and going to try to start gigging as my playing comes back. You get a little rusty raising 2 sets of kids, 2 BIG dogs, 2 wives (ouch) and a career (20 years advertising sales). If lost or stolen would definatley get another after I got out of prison for killing the poor f*cker that stole my stuff! Check this unit out and make sure it's on your comparison list if shopping in this price range. Sounds steep, but you get what you pay for....
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