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AKG WMS 40 PRO/Guitarbug UHF Wireless System
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 11th, 2007
by bobbofallenstar
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Sound Quality
Great sound. If you're not careful with setting the output level you're sending to your amp - you could hit your pre-amp pretty hard and break up the front end - mild distortion. Oh, but don't forget the cracking and popping issues.
Nope. I'm on my sixth (6) one. I had 4 of them break off on the transmitter. Now, I understand I can be rough on things but one of them we had on film - I was dancing with my guitar on stage and the shaking from side to side made this thing snap off. Yes, I use velcro to hold it in place. Yes, I've used other wirelesses before. Yes, one of the transmitters pissed me off so much that I smashed it to bits on stage. Yes, audience members complained about the popping and hissing noises it was making through my amp. Yes, I went to the AKG booth at NAMM to discuss this with them. I was told in a very cold european snobbish type of way that 1) they've never heard of these things breaking. 2) they've never heard of them making the popping and hissing noises. I've had fewer problems with my Samson beltpack that cost $50 used. I just really loved the idea of having the transmitter thing right on the guitar and no beltpack. I'd give this a rating of -5 if I could.
General Comments
This unit has let me down many, many times. I kept trying to get a new one or whatever (I tried 6 times!) I'm done with AKG. I play rock and roll through 3 custom telecasters that I made (one is a 12 string) and acoustic guitar. I also play accordion, lap steel and mandolin. I used the wireless on all of them. I can split the signal from my board to send it where it needs to go. This system was perfect for my needs. If only it would work.
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