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AKG WMS 40 PRO/Guitarbug UHF Wireless System
Overall Rating
Submitted: August 13th, 2005
by dissapointed
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Sound Quality
Great sound in general you will notice a very slight tone couloring but only very slight. I still think a good cable beats this thing especialy if you are recording dont use this. I have noticed the hiss whenever a note is played and then goes away when silent as mentioned before. This is very annoying to me so I had to bring the gain on the reciever to the minimum possible and use my fatboost pedal to compensate for the loss this did minimize the problem and is use the unit for practice around the house so I can jsut crash anywhere with the guitar and practice all the time without worying about cables. This has increasd my sticking to the guitar litteraly carrying it around the house all the time and is a positive for my playing. At a distance also I dont notice the hiss at all as well as in a mix or band or live situation you cant notice it. good to use if you plug directly into an amp.
OK so its not built like a tank we know and expect this dont abuse it! It will fail if you do. Batteries have good life and it always works when I use it.
General Comments
Great tool at a good price and good for live or practice tool dont use for recording and you will have to tweek in order to get rid of that hiss. Overall a good little divice and has its place in the toolbox. Get one even if all it does is increase your playing around the house because you can just wander around with it all day then it will make you a better player. I think that is its real nitch for trio or quartet live with individual amps its OK too but if you can use a good cable then do. Just wrap that cable around your strap and load it on the amp side then thrash around all you want if your into that but dont try to do that with this thing.
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