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Akai Professional MPC4000 Plus Production Station with CDRW
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 2nd, 2007
by Marvin Lawton
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Sound Quality
Like all of the other users, the akai gives you the thump you need. What I like most is that you can resample over and over again. This is helpful especially when you want to fatten up levels of old recordings. It records every midi parameter and gives you a strong midi filter to take out unnecessary messages. It really is the brain of my production studio. I will give it a lower rating in this section because some of the other types of sample instruments aren't realistic. Even with 512mb of ram some instruments just don't compare to the real thing. The only reason why drums get a fair shake is because sonically they more percussive instead of sustaining. As far as onboard effects, they are solid but the highlights are the filters. They really give you some cool altered sounds that allow you to resample and store in a 60gb harddrive.
I've had the unit for almost 5 years, and works better now then when I first bought it. Of course this is because I know how to work it better than I did when I first bought it. It's built to last. I'd buy a new one in a heart-beat--actually a used one on ebay because I believe that much in it's reliability. Never crashed.
General Comments
I'm a keyboardist and when I was a kid I used to hate seeing other musicians play my keyboard like they bought it. The difference was they practiced more than me. I'm saying that to say this: if you really want to get the most out of this instrument, treat it like you would drums, piano, etc. I can make better grooves on this thing than most live drummers, but it's because when people ask me what I play, I tell them keyboards and the MPC. I believe in being as organic and true as possible. I have a moog, all of the Roland MKS series, an acoustic piano, and the new porta-B3. This means I hate the use of digital instruments. But this unit has revolutionized all genres of music. So rather if we will admit it or not, it is organic in it's own right. Like many of you, I had GAS and the 4000 delivered me from that foolishness. This drum machine taught me that practice is the key to success. I've gone through numerous keyboard samplers, sequencers, and even computer-based software. I don't knock anyone for using them, but hardware is almost as dependable as a pair of drumsticks and skins. If this machine turns on then it's pretty much going to work. I thought about soundproofing my house, buying mikes, compressors and all of that, but with that same time and energy I began to make beats. I've saved thousands of dollars and have learned a new instrument-- I believe it's called an MPC 4000.
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