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Akai Professional MPC2000XL-MCD Production Station
Overall Rating
Submitted: July 15th, 2005
by Mr. Gone-HfDe1
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Sound Quality
I use the MPC for hiphop and atmospheric beat-based music and it's unstoppable. Once you invest the time to sample and sample deeply (this sample CD craze is a mess, lets get back to the basics), hiphop rhythms will follow and you'll be blasting beats out faster than steven king writes novels. Something I like about the MPC is that your tracks are really as complex as you can imagine. It's great for simplistic boom-bap and complex nightmarish stuff, sky's the limit, etc...
Okay, everyone I've spoken to has never really had their MPC fry on them, but it happened the other day and messed my head up. The screen just started to fade, lights lit up, it went nutso on me for about ten minutes. I was able to access the screen-brightness window even though I couldn't see anything on the screen itself, brought the information back to readable, but the pads were unresponsive and my speakers spit a screeching whine. A quick power break and it was ready to go, and hasn't crashed since. I would probably attribute it to the cleanliness of the unit, again. I bought it off eBay and it's pretty nasty in there...for this reason alone I would have second thoughts about gigging with mine. build-wise, this thing is solid as all hell.
General Comments
If it were stolen I'd miserably reflect on what karmic output I had generated to be punished so viciously, followed by a citywide manhunt for the thief. Maybe a GPS tracker under the zip drive would help. Going from an EPS 16+ to an MPC is honestly like a trike to a stealth bomber. I love the EPS's sound and its overall clunkiness/quirkiness. I don't think any beat I composed on that keyboard sounded professional, but definitely distinguished from the smoother stuff I make on the 2000xl. (I hear a 16+ plugged into protools or other comp editing software setup makes it unstoppable, but I've yet to incorporate software into my studio). Because the EPS 16+ seems to have more of a "signature sound" I haven't been able to sell it, so I use it in conjunction with the MPC. Some say the MPC flattens the sounds it samples, but I'd assume their just not sampling with a good mixer. It's less of a machine with a "signature sound" than a "signature responsiveness," uncovered through attentive practice. their getting cheaper and cheaper so quit smoking dub for a few months and buy one why dont ya?
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