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Akai DPS24
Overall Rating
Submitted: April 6th, 2009
by db9091-DgSKv
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Sound Quality
The effects are from their time period. They don't hold up to the modern free plug-in community. Things like Compression/Reverb etc are just not up to professional standards. Again, they were for THEIR day. However, the pre-amps are amazing. The recordings are professional. And the routing options are so numerous there isn't anything you can't do to hook this up to your setup. I have tried to think of ways to replace it to go just PC but there are a few things that hold me back: 1) The cost of going PC over this unit is 1-2 grand more. 2) The ease of manipulation on the PC is less fun and more "tabled" I will one day have to do this, but I suspect they'll have a very good peripheral unit that will mimic mixing board function for the fun and ease I'm describing. Because of it's highly professional sound and manipulative wav functions, I give this high marks.
I bought mine used. The only thing wrong was a button that you had to press extra hard to get it to light. I also found out that there is another way to implement it's function separately even if it did fail! This kind of redundancy system makes this seem like a unit from NASA, much less Akai. Kudo's Akai! Alas, they don't make this unit anymore, but fear not buying a used one. It's worth the risk. Read the forum to see what "can" go wrong and assess it for yourself. People are pretty open about their problems. Most people have had their units for years and years with lots of use.
General Comments
If it died, I'd compare to see if I could spring for a PC or Mac system entirely. When I stacked that entire cost up, and if it's more than 1000 more than a used unit, I might go solely to PC. As it is, I use this to record and port the files to the PC to mix and finish. BUT, when I mix with this unit, it still can be superior (not the mixing effects, but the mastering effects are pretty good) This is just the best DAW ever made and I suspect with computing systems eventuality, probably with have become the best digital DAW ever made.
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