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Access Virus TI Polar Synth/Controller
Overall Rating
Submitted: November 26th, 2005
by gyromastar
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Sound Quality
If you followed previous virus models you know the sound is why everyone buys these synths. To address what you're probably interested in, yes hypersaw is really sweet. The keyboard on on the polar actually feels very nice. You can feel there's quality in it, much nicer than say your run of the mill oxygen 8. Lastly, the multimode revamp will be the nicest workflow enhancement
The first thing I thought when I picked it up was, what a heavy hunk of metal! Feels very solid, plus I dig the internal powersupply. The knobs have a very nice feel to them. Smooth, but very solid resistance. Alas the most important and overlooked feature is the panic button. Every synth should have one, just stops all midi notes to kill any stuck notes. With how quirky the midi protocul is, Every synth should have one. Only points off here is that as of 11/22/05 the software integration needs another few months to mature before I would say I'd gig with it relying on the usb. I'd certainly gig with it using the traditional midi/audio out configuration. For now I'll give the devs a chance (they've already fixed a lot since release) and updating the firmware is very very easy.
General Comments
I would say if you're torn between a virus C and a TI, it all comes down to how important workflow and speed is to you. You can buy a C off ebay for less than half the price and if sound is all you're concerned about then the TI is not worth the extra money. I used to own a virus B, and it's nothing to scoff at sound wise. I have a recording background, but when I'm making my own music I want to elimenate the engineering so I can focus on being creative. When you're a detail oriented synthesist, the speed in which you can work adds to your creative power. That's why I bought this synth, and I'd buy it again if it were stolen.
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