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Access Music Virus
Overall Rating
Submitted: February 14th, 2006
by klingon
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Sound Quality
There are very few synths which both are flexible and sound good. This synth is one of those. The oscillators may sound very smooth or very harsh, it can be soft and it can be hard etc. The parts of the synth which surprised me the most were the envelope generators. They are very snappy and punchy at low attack and decay rates (perfect for punchy basses), but they also capable of being soft and smooth at high rates (perfect for strings and pads) = very flexible! Since it's so flexible and sounds so good (almost analog-ish at times), it may fit in most electronic genres. It's built like a dance/trance machine and there's no doubt it fulfils it's purpose, but I use it for basses and leads in electro and synthpop and it does a great job! As mentioned before, the effects are outstanding. Top notch. I sometimes add a Korg MDE-X when I need additional effects.
The case itself is made of sturdy metal and it seems to be very dependable. It would probably survive a few drops leaving nothing but a few dents, but I wouldn't try (I like mine too much). I've never had any problems with digital instruments and I probably won't with this one either. I would definately gig with it! I couldn't afford a backup and wouldn't get one if I could. This is one reliable machine (looks cool too =D ).
General Comments
If mine were stolen, I'd definately get a new one (or get my old one back). It's worth every penny. If you're in to electronic music, get one if you haven't already. I love the sounds, the look of it and the user-inferface. It feels good to have it in my studio and I smile every time I see it. I've had a bunch of other synths before, but now my studio's almost completely software. But the Virus can do alot of things my computer can't, that's one of the reasons I got one in the first place. Then when I got to dig deeper in to its capabilities I found that it was a masterpiece! Most of my old gear (which I have sold now) were just in the way when I made music since my computer could do the same job or even better, but this machine is beyond that and it stimulates my creativity. I think the most important thing about a synth is how it makes you feel and the Virus make me happy and satisfied. You have two options now: 1) Get one, or, 2) GET ONE! =D
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