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Access Music Virus kc
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 12th, 2004
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
'Classic' virus sound is attributed to awesome digital filters and 'phaser' onbaord effect. THe Virus can cover ALL synth ground in my opinion. It is a real workhorse. Etheral pads which are creamy and warm, fat/distorted basses and leads and the most amazing ambient collages since the Korg Wavestation. Some people say the oscilaotrs sound weak......well this is not really true. When you stick your synth sounds in a mix then....the you suddenly realise the full girth of the Virus. Users of the Virus will know what im talking about. This synth sounds pretty dark and amospheric. Its actually quite hard to make brite (e.g. Nord) type sounds. Its domain is darkness and there it should stay. Thats its usp. The only other synth that springs to mind that has this dark characteristic is old Sequential gear. The Virus however is not quite in the same league as all out analog rawness...no digital synth is. Really the bottom line is this. The Virus can make almost any synth sound u care to mention. And it does it very, very well. With the addition of the new Moog filter emulation, esp the 1-pole......god the rawness of sound.....Ive never heard from a digitla synth before. Seriously good.
The only issue I have is this, RELIABILITY. Everything in this world is unreliable to a certain extent.....its weird but true. Why cant people make products 100% reliable? Does it come down to craftmanship? Money? I just dont know....but there are several things to look out for on the Virus, esp the KC version. 1) KEYS - you may find one or two keys start making an annoying clicking noise and feel weird. Its a bit off putting....and raises a ? mark over the longjevity of that particualr key. Are spare parts going to be made available?? 2) As with all new synths.....the knobs may feels great at first....but some may rapidly deteriorate into wobbly, crusty feeling knobs. I had this on 2 of the Virus' Ive owned. 3) General OS weirdness. For example....leave ur Virus on for 4 hours and watch that arpegiator reach 50 million BPM's. U may experience the odd occasion of note grabbing aswell. I reccommend a reset/reinitialise every 4-5 hours of intensive studio use. Apart from that...ive experienced no other problems.
General Comments
If you have the money spare and you need one synth that can cover alot of ground to a very pleasing/satisfying/sophisticated level then the Virus should be your first choice.
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