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Access Music Virus kc
Overall Rating
Submitted: December 18th, 2003
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
Definitely one of my favourite sounding VA's.....very smooth and warm. It does not have the digital hardness that most VA's suffer from. This synth REALLY excels at ambient sounds, synth strings, pads and dark electronica. Great onboard effects are part of the virus 'sound'
Hmmm....well Ive had a few problems. But I now have one which is totally fine. Common problems can include: Bad keys, lose knob, ram failure. All new synths suffer from potential problems.......its just the luck of the draw :) *The Virus is totally software driven. Sometimes when you make a OS upgrade...the Virus will act a bit weird for a bit i.e. notes cutting out. These issues tend to sort themselves out...hmmm.. weird!
General Comments
The Virus is a great synth; nicely built, professional instrument. There have been a few occasions when I wanted to sell my VKC......but the reality is....despite some of the Virus' shortcommings.....there isn't, in my mind, any real alternative on the market. When I bought the Virus, I wanted the VERY best...... Its easy to recommend this synth....but I guess alot of people wont be able to afford it (I saved up for 18 months). If you are in the market for only ONE synth....then you should seriously look into the Virus...... My current setup includes - Virus KC Korg Monopoly DX7 TR909 Virus plays a very important roll in my music.
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