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Access Music Virus kc
Overall Rating
Submitted: January 20th, 2004
by Anonymous Reviewer
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Sound Quality
Oh the sounds...Beautiful, extreme, pounding, clarity...i could go on. The virus has to be the most expressive synth I've had the pleasure of owning.
Ah. Now here is where this little monster fell short of perfect for me. I have been through three, yes three redback units in under 3 months!! I returned the first unit to turnkey because the synth action keyboard was making a terrible noise on a few keys. If you've ever had to open up a keyboard then you'll know what that sprung assembly looks like. It's essentially metal sprung metal plates in kontact with the keys. Now this keyboard sounded like a few keys had damaged or kinked sprung metal plates underneath. It may seem like a minor complaint but for 1350 I expect this keyboard to be BUILT WELL! The second indigo redback i aquired II was happy to find didn't have this problem. When the new OS became available to download i eagerly d/l and installed. This seemed not to be a good idea. After that the poor keyboard failed to respond. I followed the instructions to the letter...what happend!? Ok redback number three and turnkey are getting a little pissed of seeing my face, and i'm pissed at having to return but anyway i get my virus home set it up...It works...phew! The bloody keys are making that same metal kinking sound :( sigh. I cant be bothered to return it now I'm just gonna have to live with it. I upgrade to the lateset OS 6.5 and it's all good Moog filters here we go!! All is perfect for a few days but then one evening i switch it on and the keyboard doesnt respond? I can trigger sounds from another keyboard ok, i look for the local on/off switch and ...it's not there, in fact it's missing from the menu entirely!!?? Sounddiver (OEM) can't switch it to local on. The keyboard doesn't work. Next day it still doesnt work so I take it back to turnkey they switch it on...guess bloody what works...great!! NOT! The guy there tells me he has a virus KC that every now and then goes a bit screwy but he puts up with it. I however cannot put up with these kinds of quirks in OS or engineering.
General Comments
I love this synth and miss it greatly but it just wasn't to be I think. I still read about it annd wish i didn't witness these problems and that I still had the unit. I had big plans for it in my setup. I think though that I must be very unlucky (if you can believe the term) I wouldn't put anybody off buying one but I would want to let people know what I've experienced. I still think Access are producing the best VA's on the market and mabye next time I'll have a chance to give thier product the marks I feel it deserves.
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