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Access Music Virus kb
Overall Rating
Submitted: September 30th, 2010
by teflontdgr
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Sound Quality
Great for synthesis. All manner of sounds can be achieved, some even  vaguely digital/FM sounding. Talk about variety! I think you can get a lot of them nowadays through free software.
The Virus KB is often trumped as possessing one of the finer synth actions out there. I'm really not seeing this at all. Velocity response is very inconsistent, as with many other poor synth action keyboards (M-Audio et al...) and this is because the keys are semi-weighted in the least flattering way - don't get me wrong, cosmetically they're incredibly pleasant, if overly rounded-off and completely lacking in grip (very slippy!). But try playing a soft scale or arpeggio and you'll be disappointed. You'll get one loud note, one lucky soft note, another piercing loud note and so on with no regard to the player's touch as the keys resist and rebound of their own accord. Also, single note trills and so forth are difficult to execute - bad news for any organ players or Billy Joel fans out there! (I hate Billy Joel.) Also exhausting to play, hurts your wrists etc. Really quite bad. It would make a terrible MIDI controller, but I'm not using it for that.Part of the reason I picked a Virus KB up was by the virtue of its supposedly fantastic keyboard action, did leave me feeling a mite sore to discover the truth. But that's life!The unit itself is sturdier than a clump of unweathered granite. Wooden sides, hefty carriage, great build all round. 4 for durability and 1/2 for the keyboard action.
General Comments
Great synth, bad keyboard action, but who needs that on a synth? All I really care about is creating great goa trance. As will you when you begin to touch this with your hands!
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