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Access Music Virus kb
Overall Rating
Submitted: June 3rd, 2002
by gothicindustial
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Sound Quality
Ah, to the fun part!!! The Virus sounds great. Does it sound analog? Well, sorta kinda... When I first got my Virus, I was used to romplers and had never played a REAL ANALOG synth, the closest I had was a Korg Prophecy (which is a great synth that I wish I still had, but alas). So anyway, when I first got it, I was completely blown away by the Virus' power. Now I have more experience and have owned three different Real Analog synths, so I have some more frame of reference. My conclusion is that the Virus kicks major ass, but it doesn't sound exactly analog. Now this is not a bad thing. The Virus has regular saw/pulse/tri analog style oscs, but it also has screwed up digital waveforms (like an ESQ-1) that can make strange digital sounds. It also has limited FM. In that way, it can do a few things that many real analogs cannot. That is not to say that the Virus cannot sound analog-like. It is very capable. However, in order to get the most from this synth, one should think of it as a digital subtractive synth, rather than a Virtual Analog. The Virus is capable of thick, beautiful pads, ripping leads, crazy blips, sweeps, digital clangs and clinks, and many other sounds that I lack the vocabulary to describe. The only real drawbacks are that it doesn't have the punch of a real analog. I does good bass and leads, but these are the areas where an analog synth would put the Virus to shame. In my current setup, I generally use an Akai Ax-60 for leads, a Waldorf Pulse for bass, an Emu Esi-2000 for drums and the Virus everything else (plus teh odd bass or lead, where it fits the song). The Virus is great in the midrange. It falls a little in the low end bass area, and in the high end lead area. Nobody is perfect.
I had some issues with it when I first got it, but after I updated the OS, it healed itself.
General Comments
I really like this synth. When I got it, I was amazed. Then I got bitten by the Real Analog bug, and I wanted to sell it, but now I'm glad I didn't. The Virus has a wonderful keyboard, loads of poly, and is great in the mids. As long as my other synths are string where the Virus is weak, I am all set. When I want to write a song, I turn to the Virus. When I flesh the song out, I turn to the rest of my studio. I wouldn't want to use the Virus exclusively, but as part of the team it really shines.
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