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Access Music Virus Indigo 2
Overall Rating
Submitted: May 29th, 2006
by Toumal
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Sound Quality
Realistic natural instruments aren't the strength of this synthesizer, even though there are some very nice flute and elect. organ sounds to be squeezed out. This is an analog modeling synth after all, and it's wide variety of sounds is more than enough to make up for it. If you want a grand piano, you'll want to use something else anyway... The effects are solid but not perfect, mostly due to the limited on-chip RAM of the DSP. This can be noticeable on long reverbs. It's still much better and more versatile than the effects of a D-50, for example. For digital sounds, the Virus is hard to beat. I was a little concerned about ending up with a box that is only good for a couple of sounds - but my first hands-on experience has taught me otherwise right there. It's easy to pick this one instead of (for example) a used JP8000 due to the enhanced polyphony, the integrated effects, and the versatility of being able to use the LFOs to modulate pretty much every single parameter of a sound, not just cutoff, resonance and frequency. This allows for some insane sounds and, combined with the freely assignable mod wheel and two soft-knobs, good live usability.
I experienced no lockups or other stability problems. I don't have the synth long enough to say that this thing never crashes, so I do not grade it here.
General Comments
This is one sleek instrument. There is a whole world of sound in one neat package, complete with all the knobs you'd want for realtime tweaking. My wishlist: Effects per part instead of global, more polyphony, user-modifyable arpeggiator, digital audio in/outs, USB support. But even in the age of the Virus TI, the Indigo 2 remains a classic that is far too useable to be discarded. And with it's used-prices dropping below 1000 dollars, it's much more affordable than a TI right now. Yes, I would replace the Indigo 2 if it were stolen. Would I replace my D-50? To be honest, probably not. The Virus is simply more versatile and, especially compared to a dinosaur like the D-50, in an entirely different league in terms of usability. If I had the money I would opt for a Virus TI because it has almost all the items on my wishlist - But I don't, so I wont ;)
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