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Access Music Virus Classic
Overall Rating
Submitted: September 4th, 2004
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Sound Quality
no realistic sounds get ya self a motif,triton or a emu for that kinda sound... it's not really a synth for hip hop heads really but im sure u can tweak it and produce some usable material for that genre i used it on 2 tracks on a rnb mix i was working on for a chick and it really gave my mix a nice change i would use it for rnb but not hip hop id use my motif for that...it reacts awesome to velocities and my playing no doubt... Now for trance or any other dance type of music it kicks ass ... the basses are 10 but of course they don't pump like my waldorf pulse but the pulse is analog so thats why i forgave it and gave it a ten cus it's digital but yet it can blow bass very sweet especially for that distorted type of bass and for jungle as well if thats ur thing for tranc is good too , pads 9 my atmosphere softsynth makes it look like childs play though.neverless i've created somy really creamy pads on the virus and im very satisfied with its pads im really a picky bastard wen it comes to sounds so cope with me here don't take my reviews in a bad way i just name certain other machines that can do a better job yet the virus does all these differ sounds very well very impressive i shall add and it's a good piece overall but if ur a picky ass bastard like me you usually have a bunch of synths each for a certain type of sound... only the real audio picky freeks like me would the efx on the synth are fresh it handles them all the leads are good i gave them a 9 not as brite as a nord lead nor as clean but still i feal like the jp8000 gives me my hottest leads the nord lead can sound thin at times on leads i throw down the nord lead when i want a sound to cut through the mix like a swirling blade for that brite sharp sounds that cut your ears up... i see the classic as a good team player in a setup it really helps out where the other guys might be slacking ...the virus definitly sounds dark and menancing heck i like using it along with the jp8000 switching back and forth bewtween a mix and them boom throw in the nord and just cut it up with that brite ass tone while that pulse is pumping that bass ... i use that pulse mostly for sub bass and certain leads at times i feel depending the mix and mood im striving for but waldorf synths can sound rather sterile you really have to know how to tweek those bastards to make theyre leads come alive but when u know whatcha doing you can bust sh*t up ... i really like the virus classsic i can definitly do a raw ass mix with it alone but im just the type of producer that has certain synths for certain parts in my arrangements i would recomend this synth to all the synths geeks reading this it won't dissapoint and will really inspire i felt the difference in my mixes since the first day i took it home like i said its a team player this synths helps out alot in a mix and being a team player it makes my other synths sound better than before in my mixes i noticed this alot especially with my nord ... the acess viruses arpegiator made my nord rock when it din't acted up which happens every now and then id say 10% it f*cks up not bad i can work it i dont mind having to reset it in my studio but live it can really suck... yo get this sucker and watch your tracks rise along as well as your other synths. this is definitly a good player out on the field it will surely help bring that money home if you produce for cash...
reliability is ok it's bugged out on me before when i use its appergiator to appergiate my nord since the appergiator of the nord lead ain't as good not even close chucks on the nordlead you can't even see what tempo the arp is flowin only 1-127 very poor choice made by the swedish. the knobs feel good for now except my master volume knob it feel woobly and it's a new unit... i really like this piece but until some bugs get cleared out i won't gig with it much but what heck i just might cus the sounds really shred up a mix plus on most occasions it's behaves fine just as long as u don't plan 2 use the appergiate to appergiate another synth follow that piece of advice and u shouldn't really have much of a problem ... 2 thumbs up for access for a classic like this virus classic the name says it all.
General Comments
hell yeah if it lost or stolen id go out robbing old ladies purses and get that sucker back lol :) i love it all but i hate it when u want to save patches in banks other than A or B... i really wish that saving on other banks would be less of a hassle neverless it rocks...heck i feel i ve reviewed this sucka really well now go out and get one even if that means robbing old granny's i got lucky with the pricing i think i found it cheaper told the guy in ***** center he said sure bring it in gave some bullshit for awhile about authorized dealers came back to get the difference then i notice the site change its price i guess the web master f*cked up hahahaha cus honestly it changed to the prices that everyone had it for which in this incident i save 1oo buck heck 100 is 1000 right! still dat ass hole made me go back to get the price f=difference since he kept saying they have to be a authorized dealer well he called access and then found out i war right so he called gave me my difference ha i guess i won cus honestly it had to have been a web designer mistake like lil jon would say YEAH! im out and go test drive one as soon as possible
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